Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Miguel Garcia

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Miguel Garcia
By Kazz Falcon

I am not airing my dirty laundry. I promised you that right now. I am telling you HOW MUCH I grown since then. Everyone is still growing in one way or another! That is how people grown to experience life and learn from it! If they don’t, they would never grow to be the person they want to be in life and ESCAPE from their problems!!

Life is about GROWING into a much better person no matter what the situation is!

Miguel Garcia, my ex boyfriend, made me HOMELESS from his drinking. Of course, he was in a car accident in October 2001, nor it wasn't his first one to be in one,

I became homeless in January 2002 for six months; he lived with his sister in Whittier. My time ran out at the shelter. I moved into Miguel's new place on Cherokee in Hollywood.

I felt like I wasn't safe living with him, I believed his drinking was out of control, but I have no other choice. I already have a back up plan - my own place.

Finally, the housing called me on 9/11/02 stating I could move in any time. Proir to that, I was already packing for a couple of days.

The day I moved, my friends help me move to my place in Silverlake/Echo park. The night before, Miguel didn't come home. We arrived at Miguel's; he was passed out drunk on the bed.

I woke him up. He was pretty upset at me for moving out. I took most of the things and left him with the bed and the TV. I wanted to take everything! LOL

Miguel mentioned he never want to see/talk to me ever again. He wants no part of me. THANK GOD!!

The lesson I learned, I would never gave up my place for any boyfriend ever again. It wasn't worth the pain. Top it all, I hardly knew him. We met at a club in December 1999 and we moved in together in Febraury 2000.

Whatever you do, please be sure you could trust your lover and REALLY GET TO KNOW HIM TOO. If not, don't move in with him.

Sunday, May 05, 2002

To whom it may concern,

Friday, May 05, 2002

To whom it may concern,

What caused Kazz Falcon's homelessness? Hmm, its Miguel Garcia's heavy drinking. Kazz have been homeless since December 2001. Miguel moved to his sisters in Whittier.

The facts are Miguel was driving drunk, lost the "suddenly" black car, his good paying job and his apartment. This isnt the first time he lost everything due to his drinking problem.

How many times he was in a car accident?

How many times he ended up in the hospital?

How many times the doctor told him to STOP DRINKING due to his "bad kidney?"

How many times he lied to you?

How many times he destroyed Kazzs life?

How many times he destroyed his own life?

How many times the doctor sent him to a rehab center?

How many times he got a DUI?

How many times he lost his drivers license from drunk driving?

How many times he WASTED his money on alcohol?

How many times he put his family and friends through hell from his drinking?

How many times he blamed others for his drinking?

In 2000, Miguel found out by his doctor at Kaiser that he has a kidney problem possible from liver damage from his heavy drinking.

The doctor told him that he must stop drinking in order to have an operation. From the looks of things, Miguel hasnt stop drinking and he still continuing to drink to this day. Therefore, the doctors cant operate on him because of his heavy drinking.

He must let his kidney to heal for 6 MONTHS or more, but the doctors havent operates on him over two years. I truly felt that he is a full flesh alcoholic!

I recommend that he go to an impatient rehab center so he can go through detox. And if Miguel is really serious about the loving relationship between Kazz and him, he would consider giving Kazz or his sister Power Of Attorney.