Saturday, October 13, 2001

2001, October 13, Saturday

It was a slow day. Miguel went to work in the afternoon. I changed DRASTICLY since the break up. Not that drastic, I only shaved my head BALD! I looked awesome and, no, I am not a blockhead like Charlie Brown! My head is round enough to be bald! I shaved my head couple years ago when I lived on Gower. I let it grew it back soon after. I wanted to see how I look. Kojak want his cocky lollipops! Any flavor would do! This time, I may remain bald for the time being! I wondered if the any shampoo cream for baldness. Shaving your head is pretty hard. It took me about 20 minutes in the shower. Gervace from Survivor looked wonderful! My head was like his, so round!

9:15 PM, Miguel came home. He was shock to see me bald, "No, no, no." He doesn't like it. I don't care what Miguel or what other people think. I am my own person. I would do my own thing. I would dress the way I do too. They could call me a freak all they like! It wouldn't bother me. Most people aims to be perfect, the perfect body, the perfect lover, the perfect everything! No thanks; being too perfect wouldn't be that much love. Most people go to clubs for the perfect love. In reality, that love is emptiness. They work so hard on the outside that it is a waste of time. They seemed to forget what's really important INSIDE!!

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