Saturday, September 29, 2001

2001, September 29, Saturday night

12:45 AM, SNL's season premiere, Miguel came in looking mad. He went to the kitchen. He asked, "Did you ate?" I said, "Pasta." Once again, he didn't believe me. He walked toward the bathroom. He asked, "Did you take a shower? Why haven't you fixed the leak?" I said, "I did. The knobs are so hard to turn." He didn't believe me. He complained, "Yeah. I always fix the leak." He semi fixed the leak. I kidded around, "Why haven't you fix the leak? It was still running." I went in the bathroom. He said, "Leave me alone." I went back to the computer. He stood behind me. i said, "What?" He complained, "You are looking for another man. That is what you do, " he got in the bed, "I really don't care. I don't care." I explained, "I work on the web site all day." I tried to show him. He wouldn't look at the screen. He continued watching SNL!

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