Thursday, September 27, 2001


Date: 9/27/2001 11:57:48 AM Central Daylight Time

From: Cruize 4 Luv


I don't know how to do this post or even to know how to start. I REALLY NEED PRAYERS!

Miguel might hit rock bottom soon, but I really doubt it; he is a bartender at parties all over town.

This past week has been one of the toughest yet with him. I take it back, one of the TOUGHEST MONTHS!


Some nights, he doesn't come home. Last night, he didn't. The last time I saw him about 9AM yesterday. In 30 minutes, he would be missing for 24 hours AGAIN!

Today, I decided I wouldnt fill out a missing person report. It would be useless. He is making it a BAD HABIT!

He was missing Monday night/Tuesday night, he come home Wednesday morning for 15 minutes, and he hasn't show up at all since then.

Since I am ONLINE all the time, he COULD HAVE drive home and tell me! It is his RESPONSIABLE to tell me somehow and someway!

IT IS UP TO HIM to tell me, "he won't be home for the night" no matter what. He does have the car!


I believed I did something very ILLEGAL. TRUST ME - I did not STEAL any money from him!

I went online posing I was him to TAKE A GOOD LOOK at his bank account online.

I am glad I did that. I found out some interesting stuff about his money!

He is spending way TOO MUCH MONEY this month alone. That told me he has a SERIOUS DRINKING PROBLEM! I already knew that for some time!

Tuesday, 9/25/01, he took out FOUR $42 and ONE $20 to party at the clubs/elsewhere. $188 is the amount he took out.

This month alone, he spent $558. I am keeping track of HIS money situation! I have a GOOD REASON!! Please see #3

I'm so happy about ONE THING! Thank God we don't have the same account! He would have spent my SSI money too!


Since he is WASTING HIS MONEY on booze, drugs and sex, (sounds like a rock star. LOL) he may not be able to PAY THE RENT for next month!

You know what that mean, being homeless is among me once more!

I really don't care about being homeless. I have no regrets. It was meant to be. I gave ALL MY PROBLEMS to God. He would take care of me!

I have a very BAD FEELING about this. He would ask me for the RENT MONEY! Honey, guess what...see #4


This month, I bailed him out TWO TIMES.

A) The car accident, two week ago, two days after the tragedies!

B) The paint job - he didn't have the money. (See #2) I paid $368. THANK GOD I got all my money back.

C) Hmmm, next month's rent! NOT!!!

I would not BAIL HIM OUT anymore!

The way I see it - If I CONTINUED bailing him out, I am LETTING him to drink and DESTROY more lives from his drinking. (See #4, A)

In closing, the ONLY THING I want from you, my friends, is prayers.

PLEASE NO HAND OUTS!! I only want prayers!

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